Autumn craft, wreath with dried beans

I love autumn, especially the earthy color palette. Here's an idea for a simple and quick-to-make fall wreath that celebrates both. This craft involves a glue gun so it is probably best for adults. 


Time commitment: 1.5 hours


  • Straw wreath

  • A bag of dried beans, like the kind for bean soup. (You won't use the whole bag, you might have to make actual soup.)

  • Glue gun and at least 10 glue sticks (Better safe than beans all over your floor.)

  • Coordinating ribbon for hanging


Unwrap the plastic and trim any wonky pieces of straw. 

Start gluing. Glue a couple at a time. You can try gluing a section and dropping beans onto it but I found this to be ineffective for two reasons: 1) using my fingers to push beans into lava-like glue only resulted in injury and curse words while the beans fell off the curved surface 2) the glue dried so quickly that as I scrambled to pick up pieces to fill the holes, the glue became a rock. 

Since I wasn't covering the entire surface, the bean or two at a time method didn't take so long. One trick is to wipe the glue tip on the straw as you pull away to minimize strings everywhere. 

I recommend placing a cookie sheet underneath to catch all the loose beans. Unfortunately for me, that brainstorm didn't come until the wreath was half way finished and beans decorated the carpet. Learn from my idiocy. 

After you place the last bean, let it dry about ten minutes. Then turn the wreath upside down and rub your hands over the surface to find any loose beans that need another shot of glue. Also, look for bare spots or spots where you need more color and adjust accordingly. 

Tie your ribbon and hang. This is meant to be an indoor wreath unless attracting critters is your thing. 

A simple and quick fall wreath; and I only glued my finger once. 

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