Easily change the look of your side tables

Look at this basic, round, functional beauty of a side table. A true workhorse in need of a little something. 

Recently, I was roaming a large discount decor warehouse and came across glass table top protectors that were the perfect size for these two side tables. At $20, I couldn't pass them up. 

Without any embellishment, the glass table tops looked nice. There is a slight blue tint to the glass so I swapped the drawer pulls to match. 

As I am forever looking for ways to use up fabric scraps (they seem to multiply like bunnies), I happened to have a few pieces as large as the table. So, I decided to add a little color under the glass.

Spread the fabric across a large cutting mat (or cardboard) and place the glass on top. Smooth out any wrinkles and run a sharp X-Acto knife around the perimeter at a 45 degree angle (you want the fabric to be slightly smaller than the glass so it becomes invisible). Be careful to make a clean cut and clean up any jagged edges with scissors afterwards if needed. Then, place the fabric on the table and line up the glass. This may take a few tries. 

Easy peasy. You can swap the fabric whenever you like. And you don't have to worry about water rings or other damage to your pretty table top. 


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