Repurposing a firewood carrier to collect weeds

For the gardener, weeding and maintenance never seem to end. Here's a simple tool to make the disposal process a little less difficult. 

Use a log/firewood carrier.

If you don't have one, you can purchase lower quality carriers for under $20 on the internet. Mine is made of canvas with suede handles. The plants weigh less than logs, so this cheaper model works fine. Mine is pretty small, but you can find them in bigger sizes. Or you could make one to suit your tastes. 

You just pile on the weeds as you go. The carriers are light and flexible. Pull it by the handle when it gets out of reach. 

They can slide right under the hedge that you are trimming to gather up all the scraps and keep your new mulch tidy. Most of them lay totally flat so you can pull them along the hedge as you go until it is ready for dumping. 

They take up little room so storage is a snap. I toss in a pair of garden gloves and hang it from a hook in the garage.

This little gadget is my new must-have when I'm on a weed eradication mission.