Coney Island Lights review

If you are looking for a new holiday activity this year in Cincinnati, check out the drive-through light show at Coney Island. 

View from the 275 bridge in Northern Kentucky.

View from the 275 bridge in Northern Kentucky.

For those of you familiar with Coney Island's layout, this light show is surprisingly long! The path winds tightly through the small lot and makes great use of all the space. The lights are synced to a soundtrack playing on their radio station. The music loop was long enough that we didn’t hear any repeats in the mix of the classic and modern holiday songs.

The show married traditional lights with modern LEDs well. Most of the scenes were holiday-themed with a few patriotic displays sprinkled along the way. The tunnels were a crowd pleaser along with the lip-syncing snowmen.

The showstopper was an RV parked with Santa walking around inside! They accomplished this through televisions placed in the windows and the result was very realistic looking.

Admission is purchased only at the gate; $6 each (children under 3 are free). If possible, visiting on a weeknight will be most enjoyable because the lines are shorter. To make the trip even more festive, I recommend slipping into your favorite holiday pajamas and packing some hot cocoa with popcorn!


This may seem silly but for those of you out there with automatic headlights, you might want to refresh yourself on how to turn them off during the show. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out how to turn on only my parking lights.

Happy holidays!