Easy lunches in a crock pot warmer


My boyfriend's mother bought me a Crock Pot Lunch Crock a year ago for Christmas. I love this thing. 

For the girl in me, it is so cute! It looks like a tiny crock pot. But it doesn't get hot enough to cook food, rather just hot enough to warm it up. So food can stay there all day until I have time to take a lunch break, without me having to worry about a burned meal. It's super light, has a removable, dishwasher safe insert, and even has a little carrying handle if you wanted to pack it in your tote. I personally leave the machine part in my desk at work and carry the aluminum insert in my tote.

Okay, enough about my obsession with the actual product. Here's how it makes my life simpler.

Whenever I make a meal that will freeze well, I double the recipe. I buy round, Ziplock Twist-n-Lock containers (or usually I buy the generic version at my grocery) and fill them with leftovers so I always have individual portions ready to go in the freezer. I use Post-It labels so I don't forget the whats or the whens.

Then, on a busy work morning, I get out a frozen meal and run it under water until the food brick releases. Those containers are the absolute perfect size to plop right into my crock insert and I toss the insert in my lunch tote with a couple pieces of fruit. I like the frozen method because if my lunch tote tips in my car, I'm not worried about liquid soup spilling all over my car. 

When I get to work, I pop the insert in the crock and by lunch time it is steaming hot. Seriously, from frozen to steaming. And my office doesn't smell like food all day.

You can buy extra containers from the Crockpot website and it's handy to have a spare (or if you don't like to put your food in plastic containers, you could really just buy extra metal containers instead, they are like $5). I've read that others who travel for work use an electric adapter so they can use this little Crockpot in their car and cut down the fast food consumption. People are so stinkin' clever. 

Oh, did I mention this Crockpot Lunch Crock is only $20? And comes in different colors? And is healthier if you tend to grab processed frozen meals on a hectic morning?