Desk frame for inspirational quotes


I have a board on Pinterest dedicated solely to beautiful and thought provoking quotes that fill me with (momentary, ahem) motivation. Sometimes I find one that is worded so eloquently that I jot it down on a sticky note. And by sometimes I mean there are twenty sticky notes attached to the bottom of my iMac. While that wide silver strip on an iMac makes an ideal landing strip for my sticky addiction, my monitors at work aren't so accommodating. And let's face it, sometimes inspiration at work is more necessary than at home.

Enter my inspiration frame. Or mantra board. Or handy-dandy dry erase sketcher-outer. 

Regardless of what you call it or choose to write on it, this craft is a no brainer in terms of difficulty. And it just may be the push you need to get something done, or just a pretty accessory to add to your office collection.

I received this frame years ago from a dear friend. I like how clean it is, plus the glass front is all one piece which is nice for writing (i.e. no crevices to clean). But find any picture frame you like. Horizontal may work better for writing, but I like this frame too much to switch.

Add a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper for a background. Or, I just printed two quotation marks on a 5x7 sheet of paper and cut to size (download my PDF). You could swap out the background according to the season, holiday or your mood. 

Then all you need is a coordinating dry erase marker and an eraser (try microfiber) for cleaning. That's it.

One tip is to make sure whatever frame you use is made of actual glass. Plexiglass and dry erase markers don't get along and you'll end up staring in disgust at the stained quotes of yesteryear.

Happy motivation :)

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