Freezing chocolate chip cookie dough

I hate to throw away eggs. So when the expiration date grows near, I launch into frenzied cooking mode to use them. Making cookie dough ahead is my go-to activity to make sure those organic, cage free golden eggs find a purpose. 


I admit I do this not only to use up the eggs (or at least preserve them in the freezer), but also to keep portion control in check. With just me and mister here, making a recipe that yields 2.5 dozen cookies means, you guessed it, eating 30 cookies each in one week. Not cool. 

This method will work for most kinds of drop cookies (that include baking powder). 

Follow the recipe as you normally would (except no need to preheat the oven unless you are going to bake a portion of them) and use a cookie scoop to drop the dough onto a lined cookie sheet. My picture shows the cookies spaced apart as if I were baking them, ignore that. Since they aren't going to spread in the freezer you can space them close to get as many as you can on one sheet. Instead of putting them in the oven, slide in the freezer for a few hours.

Once they are frozen, transfer to a container and press down a piece of plastic wrap on top of the cookie scoops to prevent ice crystals from forming. Aren't they cute? They look like little ice cream scoops. Anyway, add a label to remind you of the variety and, if your memory is as bad as mine, the temperature and time. And the date of course. 

When you need a treat for you or your guests, pull out as many dough balls as you want and place them on a cookie sheet at room temperature for about an hour. Bake as usual. I admit, there have been occasions when I baked straight from the freezer without thawing. They puff strangely because the outside butter melts before the inside butter and that makes them crispy on the edges and soft in the middle. But if I'm just trying to satisfy a quick craving, I'm okay with it. Your guests may not appreciate the presentation. 

Frozen cookie dough makes great gifts and can be a timesaver around Christmas when you have all day baking marathons that leave you with dozens of cookies and only two eaters.

  • Drop cookies freeze well as dough.

  • Sugar cookies freeze well as dough OR after the first baking (but before decorating).

  • Gingerbread needs to be frozen as dough (freezing after baking destroys the flavor).