Italian seasoning Chex mix

Here's a new spin on chex mix - ITALIAN!


Using italian flavoring isn't as strong as its ranch style cousin. And using olive oil instead of butter cuts down on the guilt (just a tiny bit, it's still oil I guess). 

Italian Chex Mix

Heat oven to 250 degrees.

3 TBSP olive oil (A good tasting, dip-your-bread-in-it-and-serve-to-company oil. Not the light tasting stuff you use to cook.)

4 cups of add ins. I used 2 cups wheat and 2 cups corn chex. But you could throw in pretzels, cheese crackers, sesame sticks, whatever, as long as you end up with four cups. 

1 packet italian dry seasoning mix (found in the salad dressing aisle)

Dump everything in a bowl and stir to coat. Pour onto a baking sheet (lined with aluminum foil to make clean up easier). Bake for 10 minutes, then stir. Keep checking every couple of minutes. It usually takes from 15-20 minutes to get good and crunchy but much longer than that and it will burn. 

The italian flavor is delicate and lets the olive oil flavor really shine. Happy snacking!