No-sew dog bed: easy, inexpensive & durable

The furry member of our family has a love-hate relationship with dog beds; she loves to dig them until they explode. This sweet-looking, 12 pound professional digger destroyed several beds a year. And, for some reason, it seemed like the more expensive the bed, the quicker the trip to the trash can. 

Looking for a better solution, I noticed that the fleece blanket with the tied edges I made to drape over her favorite spot on the couch hadn’t really shown any wear after a year’s worth of use (she digs on it, too). 

So, I went to the fabric store and bought 2 yards of fleece on sale. I cut out a pillow shaped size and trimmed and tied the edges almost all the way around. Then, I stuffed the inside with pillow stuffing (fiberfill) and tied the rest of the strips to seal it shut. I was careful not to stuff it too full so that when she lays on it a nice, natural nest effect occurs.

She has been digging on this pillow for well over a year now and it is the only bed she's ever had that lasted this long. And definitely the cheapest bed I've ever purchased (under $20 and less than an hour's worth of time). I don't know if it is the lack of seams or that it is hard to grab hold. All I know is that if your dog digs through beds with little regard to your wallet, I'd at least give this method a shot. I should point out that she is a digger, but not a chewer. 

I decided to make a second one for my office. View below for pictorial instructions.

*UPDATE* At some point, my dog discovered how to pull the stuffing out and thought it was great fun to throw it all over the family room. So I untied one end, removed the poly-fil, and threw in an old bed pillow. She didn't notice the difference and my floors are now fiber free. 

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