No-sew patio chair cushions

My patio cushions were faded to the point of embarrassment this year. I was totally ready to get out my sewing machine and wrestle the foam inside tight new covers until I saw something on the internet about no-sew patio cushions.

No sew? I was intrigued. Some stinking smart people are using a glue gun to attach new fabric onto old cushions. Shut the front door! What?!? You know I had to try that.

So I did. Basically, if you can neatly wrap a present, you can recover patio cushions with fabric and a glue gun - in about a quarter the time of sewing. Check out this blog for a detailed tutorial. I couldn't believe how nice they look!

Now, I just did this over the Memorial Day holiday and, so far, the glue is holding. But we haven't made it through hot Kentucky July yet, so time will tell. As an extra precaution, I bought a long overdue Duck brand waterproof loveseat cover to keep the sun off the new fabric as well as the water out (I hate wet cushions!). All of the cushions fit inside easily when not in use. I can't believe I waited so long to buy a waterproof cover; I love that thing.

And, as noted in my earlier post, I sprayed the new covers with UV spray for extra longevity.

This trick saved hundreds of dollars over buying store bought covers. And, HOURS of time on DIY covers with a sewing machine. Do they look as good as my previous ones? Maybe not as my mother and I slaved over them until they were perfect. But given the overall savings, I am super happy. Besides, I figure if the glue gives in the hot summer sun, I can re-glue to put everything back into place temporarily and then run a quick whipstitch or hidden stitch around the seam to secure. Still less time than sewing them from scratch and can be done while I am outside relaxing on the patio. 

So most important of all to me, that project is 100% finished. And dog approved.