Stamped stone tile coasters


A decade ago I went with my sister to one of those scrapbooking parties where we each made a tile coaster. I still use mine in my office. I decided to make a couple more to put in the bedroom with my new canvas bird paintings. 

These are super easy, inexpensive to make and require few supplies. You'll need:

  • 4"x4" stones tiles - you can pick these up in the flooring department of a home improvement store. These are travertine in ivory color. Came in a box of 9 for around $6.

  • A stamp - any kind you like that will fill the space.

  • Permanent ink - I use archival because it's permanent and waterproof. The tiles I'm making today aren't going to be colored.

  • Spray on clear acrylic sealer - I used Modpodge brand here, but Krylon works just as well and is usually less expensive. Just pay attention to the finish you are buying; this is matte.

  • Felt furniture pads - You need four pads per coaster so make sure you buy enough for the number of coasters you'll be making. You can also use cork pads or backing.

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